We treat many different skin and nail conditions, from fungal infections, to ingrown toenails, plantar warts, or even just helping trim nails and remove hard skin.


general skin and nail care

Corns, calluses, hard to trim nails, or just can't reach your feet anymore. We are here to help!

We only use sterilised or single-use instruments to ensure high quality care for everyone. No passing on any nasty bugs from one person to the next!


ingrown toenail

Whether it's the first time you've had trouble with a painful nail or if it happens regularly - we can help.  

We have two ways of treating an ingrown toenail. We can conservatively treat the nail or permanently fix it. We can discuss which is the best for you at your appointment.  

We have specialised equipment to make any treatment as comfortable for you as possible.  (We can even numb the toe if needed!)



A frustrating, highly contagious viral skin infection. Warts usually spontaneously go away on their own and cause no problem. However, depending on the size and the location, they can be very painful. We use two treatment options at our clinic to help get rid of them as quickly as possible. Come in and we'll discuss which is the best for you.  


Fungal skin and nail infections

Tinea pedis, athletes foot, fungal skin infection - they are all the same condition. It can be very itchy and painful, and can occur between the toes or on the soles of your feet. Sometimes it just simply looks like dry skin.   

A fungal nail infection (known to us as Onychomycosis) - is a difficult to treat infection, unless you know just what to do! If left to its own devices, a fungal nail infection rarely causes you ill health, but can totally destroy the strength and look of the nail plate.  

If you are having trouble caring for your feet, or are concerned about anything to do with the skin and nails, don't hesitate to book an appointment with us!