We Love Treating Kids!

Children are one of our specialties and we have treated thousands of them in the last 15 years. If you are concerned about the appearance of your child's feet the chances are you need to bring them in, your gut instinct is normally right.

We can assess your child and give you peace of mind about your concerns. We follow up to date research on treating children and we get great results!


  • Flat feet
  • Turned-in feet (pigeon toed/in-toeing)
  • Turned-out feet
  • Toe walking
  • 'Funny' walking and running styles/gait
  • Poor balance
  • Clumsiness/Tripping
  • Delayed gross motor skills
  • Knock knees


We look at the whole picture. We assess your child from top to toe. We look at how they walk and run, what their balance is like and how they perform simple gross motor tasks. We LISTEN to you and what your concerns are.

We have many different methods of stabilising feet, looking at shoes and giving footwear advice, we can prescribe balance exercises and gross motor skill exercises - from play based for the little ones to sport specific for the older kids.

We also work with other health professionals that might be involved in your child's care.