Get your Feet Checked!

we want you to keep both feet and legs and all 10 toes for life!

unfortunately diabetes is effecting more and more people all the time. every year in australia, there are around 10,000 hospital admissions due to diabetes-related foot ulcerations and approximately 4,400 amputations.   

Diabetes can effect your feet:

  • by decreasing your ability to feel sensation in your feet and legs (peripheral neuropathy);
  • by decreasing how much blood travels to your feet (decreased circulation/peripheral arterial disease);
  • by making you more prone to infections;
  • by leading to pressure ulcers.
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A diabetes foot screening includes: 

  • assessing how much blood is travelling to your feet;
  • determining how much you can accurately feel on your feet;
  • assessing your feet for areas that predispose you to ulceration (think corns, calluses, thick or curled nails, prominent bony bumps);
  • assessing your current footwear;
  • assessing your current foot care regime.

All people with diabetes are recommended to have a foot screening with a podiatrist once a year. If you have a higher risk of foot complications, it will be recommended that you have more regular screenings and or treatments. We don't want you to become a statistic of diabetic complications! 

There are many ways to treat foot problems, but it is all made so much easier the earlier you seek treatment. If you develop anything on your foot that you are concerned about, come in and see us as soon as possible!