Unsightly nails?

No problems KeryFlex Nails is the answer!

KeryFlex™ nails are amazing!

KeryFlex™ nails provide a cosmetically appealing solution to unsightly nails. If you have a damaged nail plate, KeryFlex™ can be used to build you a new nail that can even be painted with nail polish.

NO more unsightly, embarrassing nail!

Fantastic for Summer and special occasions when those toes are on show!

KeryFlex™ creates a flexible, non-porous nail plate. KeryFlex™ artificial nail bonds to any remaining nail tissue and bed to provide an exceptionally realistic looking nail plate.

It can be used on nails that are permanently damaged for which there are no other treatment options available to improve their appearance or for a short term cover up of a nail whilst it is recovering from trauma.

As your natural nail grows out, Keryflex will grow out with it. In the instance that your nail is permanently damaged, you can simply have the Keryflex nail refilled

KeryFlex Thickness

Thickness of KeryFlex nails.

KeryFlex Big Toenails

KeryFlex big toenails

Before and After KeryFlex

Before and After KeryFlex nail application

Before and After 1st and 2nd digit Keryflex.